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Detection and Diagnosis

Because headache is such a common problem, a thorough medical examination is advisable for any chronic or recurring headache. Your family physician can help determine the cause of headache. Because headaches often produce symptoms which suggest that the eyes are at fault, many people feel the need to have their eyes examined.
Your optometry can help to provide comprehensive eye examination. This includes forming comprehensive medical eye examinations, prescribing corrective lenses, diagnosing diseases and disorders of the eye.
If eye disease is present, your optometry will be able to diagnose and refer to proper specialist for attention


Headache treatment is naturally determined by its cause. If serious medical disease is found, it needs to be treated medically (or surgically). If depression or anxiety is the cause, referral may be made to the patient's family physician or psychiatrist. If migraine or tension is responsible, accurate diagnosis, reassurance, and your physician's suggestions for medication, self-help, and assistance are the best solutions.
Because headache is so common, you can help your physician determine whether your headache is a symptom of disease. If it is not, information you provide can help your physician design a treatment program that is right for you.

The Eyes And Headache

Your optometry can be of help in diagnosing the eye related headache, even though headaches are infrequently caused by eye disease or the need for glasses. The optometry training can help in the discovery of the proper diagnosis and treatment and in unusual cases when the need for glasses is the cause of the headaches, the ophthalmologist will prescribe them.